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28-Day Challenge | 100% Risk Free

    Teatox Slimming Tea

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    Sip Your Way to a Healthy Life

    Looking to shed some pounds?  Drop the detox, and try a "Teatox". Stop making drastic changes to your nutritional system, and adopting hellish diets to get fit and healthy.

    Restoring your health and achieving your dream body is much simpler than that. It's a flavorful cup of tea. Teatox is made with all-natural ingredients, including cassia seed, green tea, lotus leaf, and lemon Grass. A gentle two-week program that keeps you full between meals, detoxifies your body, and speeds up your metabolism. Teatox gives you a head start in your fitness journey. What happens next is up to you.

     Don't Leave 2021 in Anything but Your Best Shape

     Controls Sugar Cravings: Rich in green tea extract and a powerful blend of herbs. L-Theanine is heavily present as one of the main ingredients that reduce sugar cravings. It helps you achieve supreme clarity and focus without the sudden crash and jitters.

    Naturally Promotes Weight-Loss: Oolong Tea is a major ingredient in Teatox. It is a natural appetite suppressant that keeps you from snacking between meals and helps you stick to your diet. Plus, the natural herbs stimulate your metabolism to speed up the lipid burning process.

    Relieves Bloating: Teatox is loaded with antioxidants that boost your metabolism and support the digestion process. The combination of Cassia tora seeds, moringa and lemon Grass cleanses your body, speeds up your metabolism, and flattens your tummy.

    100% Natural Recipe: Teatox contains a list of all-natural herbal ingredients. It improves your mood, cleanses your body, and helps you lose weight. It is naturally caffeinated to put you in the right frame of mind, with no added sugar or synthetic caffeine.

    One of Nature's Delicacies: It's savory and soothing. Unlike most tasteless detox supplements. Teatox doesn't require mixing or blending with other ingredients. It is a herbal infusion tea that you can indulge in at your leisure.


    These past couple of years have been tough. Lack of exercise, home confinement, and all the canned food we've consumed have taken a toll on our bodies. Now more than ever, you need to get back on track with your health.

    Yet, most often, the average "healthy" diet that you can find demands huge lifestyle adjustments. Which are not only well-nigh impossible but also quite expensive. In fact, according to dietitians, the simplest changes are often the most effective. That's why Teatox is the ultimate way to get in shape without stressing yourself out. As easy as making a cup of tea.

    Start The 28 Days Detox Challenge! & See for Yourself

    Top reviews

    “Okay, I've been drinking Teatox for two days. Now, of course, there are no drastic weight changes because I just bought it. However, my bloating is gone! And the tea tastes AMAZING! It is worth every penny. I can't wait to see the results after the 28 days mark

    “Let me tell you, these really do work. But only if you take them religiously as directed. Teatox smells good and tastes even better. But you still need to eat right and exercise to get good results. Duh! I mean it helps with weight loss, but you have to exercise to maintain it, otherwise, you'll end up drinking Teatox forever. Anyway, 5 stars all the way!”

    “I am losing 1kg a day with this tea and a strict diet. I didn't take it seriously at first but I have noticed that my weight has dropped significantly since my first use. I drink 2 liters of water a day and try to sleep early so I don't feel like eating. This has motivated me to continue my weight loss journey. My joy is at an all-time high!”